Free iPhone Wallpapers

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At this Flickr page, you’ll find a huge collection of user-contributed iPhone wallpapers, covering all kinds of styles. With thousands of images available you could easily spend hours browsing the archive. You can also use the backgrounds on other devices, such as Android phones. The most recent wallpapers are included on the Flickr group homepage, but a simple search will quickly display anything specific you’re browsing for. The collection includes over 26,000 wallpapers, all contributed by users and in a variety of sizes. The vast majority of uploads are excellent quality and sure to impress your friends! You can find wallpapers featuring nature, other worlds, patterns, cartoons, inspirational quotes, photography, urban scenes, textures, super cars, iconic buildings, and much more besides. The roundup is vast and covers a wide range of genres. Although this collection is aimed at iPhone users, it is possible to use the backgrounds on other devices, like Android or Windows phones. Simply select an image you’d like to use, then download it to your computer for transfer. Alternatively, you can download directly to your smartphone handset if you’re visiting on mobile (probably the easiest method).

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